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How to Plan a Memorable Australian Adventure Without Going Over Budget

Have you ever dreamed of going to Australia?  Since it is on the other side of the world the weather is opposite ours so winter is the perfect time to take that trip.  

Lisa Marshall from is my guest b;logger this week and she has so great tips on traveling there.

Finding adventure in Australia shouldn’t cost you a fortune, so long as you know how and where to look. To make booking and planning your next trip a lot easier, here are a few ways you can save big, all while having fun.


Take Your Adventures Outside


So much of the expense of traveling comes from finding a place to stay. Whether you book a hotel or an Airbnb, you will usually drop most of your travel budget on your lodging—unless you find somewhere to stay for free. Think that sounds impossible? It’s not if you’re comfortable with the idea of camping! Camping is the ultimate low-cost way to rest and recharge when you are on an adventure. Plus, you will be banking some major health benefits from spending time in nature, from dropping your blood pressure to boosting your memory. You can find a ton of free camping spots in Queensland and throughout Australia, where you can pitch a tent and spend your nights napping under the stars.


Of course, you’re going to need some good gear to make your camping trip an adventure you will want to remember. Before you head out, do some research online for product reviews on all the gear you will need for camping, as well as any other adventures, so you know how to spend your money wisely.


Backpack Your Way Across Australia


The most adventurous travelers around the world know the only way to travel cheap, and see more, is to backpack around their destinations. Backpacking across Australia is easier than you think, and there are so many different experiences, sites, and adventures you can experience when you travel this way.


During your epic backpacking journey, you may find yourself needing a car. Knowing how to hire cars without racking up extra fees can give you extra cash to gas up that tank and drive through coastal highways or other scenic areas. Aside from hiring a car, you may be wondering what to bring with you. Well, you can use a basic backpacking checklist to make sure you have all you need to stay safe and comfortable. You likely already know you will need the essentials like your passport and mobile phone. Where most people get confused is figuring out what clothing to bring. Weather can change in a moment, so it’s best to pack some layers.


Find Discounts on Other Types of Travel


There are so many adventures to be had in Australia! With so many budget-friendly options, really the hardest part for any traveler will be deciding where to go. You can go croc watching in Kakadu or explore the Great Barrier Reef. But chances are, you will need a way to get to all of these epic spots. If you need a flight, you can use apps like Skyscanner to search all of the Aussie airlines for the sweetest deal on your tickets. You can even set up alerts that will notify you when prices change, so you will never miss out on a low or bargain price on your flights.


For those who prefer the adventure of the open road, your single best bet for saving money is to bring your own food. Restaurants and fast food can get pricey and leave you feeling lethargic. So opt for some snacks like veggies, hummus, nuts, and fruit, to keep you fueled during all your travels and adventures.


Australia is filled with low-cost adventures that anyone can enjoy. So clear your schedule and plan out some trips that you will remember for a lifetime!


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