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How to Work with your Spouse without Killing Him. Some Tips

My husband Dennis and I have been in business together for 26 years.  We often hear "how do you do that!  I would NEVER work with my spouse". 

Prior to starting Steel Pony, I had another business with other partners.  I found , for me, that each partner had their own agenda with their own spouses whispering in their ear.  Suddenly it seemed I had 4 partners instead of 2.  After that experience, I said the only partner I would be in business with I would have to marry.  Be careful what you wish for LOL.


1. We have compatible strengths  Figure out who will do what job upfront.  Dennis and I are both artists but I am the one with the patience  to do the books.

2.  Don't bring work home with you. Ok do as I say not as I do.

3.  Always be respectful of each other.  If you are angry with your spouse , do not belittle them in public.  Wait to have those conversations when you are alone.

4.  Decide on a common goal and check in often.  If you are not on the same page, conflicts will occur.

5.  Find ways to maintain your individuality.  Make time away from your spouse.  A yoga class, dinner with friends for example.

6.  Communication is vital.  I have to admit, this one has been difficult for me.  I am not that good at communicating needs and desires.  It is important if you are going to enjoy your business and your relationship.

7.  Major decisions must be a joint decision.  Try to make an appointment with each other to have a meeting where you can discuss, debate and decide.  The 3 D's.

8.  Be open and surround yourself with people like you.  Connect with a mastermind or peer group that you can discuss your business with in a confidential format.  It helps to keep you fresh and bring new ideas into the business.  I have been lucky enough to have found the Great Dames. With them, I am exploring both my personal and professional needs and wants.

I hope this helps those of you thinking about taking the plunge.  I would love to hear your stories.  Write it in the comments below.


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