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How Your Passion for Fashion can Make You Healthier and Happier

Pack up your guilt about your last shopping spree and proudly display the latest copy of Vogue on your desk… research has shown that hobbies are good for you both physically and mentally, and that means any hobby - can you think of a better one than fashion? Fervent fashionistas and budding Balenciagas know that nothing in this world can make us feel quite as ecstatic as purchasing a brand new winter top, a pair of vertiginous heels, or a trendy accessory. Thankfully, we can now proudly state that we are shopping ‘til we drop for health reasons.

Is Fashion Just What the Doctor Ordered?

A groundbreaking 2015 study found that it doesn’t matter what your favorite hobby is - the important thing is to have one! The study pointed to proven benefits of hobbies, including lower stress and anxiety, a better mood, lower heart rate, a sense of life satisfaction, relaxation, less negative thinking, and a reduction in symptoms of depression. The researchers noted that the secret to the health benefits of hobbies - is interest. When we are bored, we are more likely to make unhealthy lifestyle choices such as overeating, drinking, or smoking. Hobbies, on the contrary, keep us in a ‘mindful state’ in which we are fully present ‘in there here and now’ - which has numerous benefits for body and mind. Therefore, it is vital to discover a leisure activity that truly ignites your passion.

Fashion Related Hobbies

There are many ways you can turn a passion for fashion into a hobby. Start out by analyzing your talents - the areas that you have always found effortless to shine at. If you are good at designing and sewing, why not start an online business? You will need to formulate a business plan and analyze your target market, and come up with a unique product that stands out from what your competitors may be offering. Don’t think you need big investments to start; think of entrepreneurs like Jac Vanek, who went from selling bracelets at music festivals on a $200 loan from her parents, and who now owns a brand worn by celebrities like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato; or Nasty Gal - founded by Sophia Amoruso, who began selling on eBay and now has a popular online brand featured in publications the likes of The New York Times.

What stops us from pursuing our hobbies and dreams is often a fear of failure, or the mistaken idea that it is ‘not the right time’ because we have not studied fashion or design, we are too young, or someone has told us that we will never make it. So many successful fashionistas have made it big by taking small steps and of course, you can always train in a given area - fashion, business, social media marketing - to help make your dream a reality.

If you have loved fashion for as far back as you can remember, make it your hobby. You don’t have to go professional; you can just sew or modify items to build a trendy wardrobe, sew or design presents for friends, or even start blogging about fashion. It is important to do things that truly interest us - science has shown there are so many health benefits to be reaped from hobbies - above all, a sense of interest and engagement, which can only come from doing something that calls us from within.


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