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Ideas For Gifting

A good friend of mine introduced me to  Enneagram tests.  Have you heard of it?  They take a bit of time to do and put you into a category based on your answers.  I love taking these kinds of test because it either surprises me or confirms what I already thought.  Kind of like our Style quiz.

I thought it might be fun to suggest gifts based on those types.

Type 1  The Perfectionist

They are very rational, black and white, principled .The core desire of a one is to have integrity, be good, full of virtue, and right.  For them a self improvement gift isi great like our Journals and Candles  

Type 2  The Helper

Twos are relational and selfless people.  They are caring and generous, aiming to please.  A type two is loving and giving in nature, sometimes to a fault.

The core desire of a two is to be appreciated.  They are easy to gift.  Something Self care like our Healing Boxes


Type 3  The Achiever

Threes tend to be goal-oriented, doers.  They are success-driven and value accomplishment.  A three can be very influential, talented, and good at setting goals.

The core desire of a three is to be admirable, successful, and respected.  The right handbag  will give them that success look they are going for like this Beautiful Tote


Type 4 The Creative Individualist

Fours are on the hunt for depth and authenticity.  They are in tune with their feelings and the environment surrounding them.  A four can also be very creative, artistic, and inspiring.

The message a four longs to hear is, “You are special and unique".  If you are buying for a woman our Riley Sweater is perfect.

Type 5  The Observer

Fives, for the most part, are private, with a very active mind.  They are observant, like to understand how the world works, and knowledgeable.  An enneagram five can be intense, perceptive secretive, and even innovative..

The message a five wants to hear is, “Your capable but it’s ok to ask for help.”  As someone who is introspective a Meditation Box is perfect to assist in that.

meditation box

Type 6 The Loyalist

Sixes make great friends.  They are loyal (hence the title), responsible, and committed.  A six will value security, feeling safe, and high levels of trust.

The core desire of a six is to be secure and supported.  Our Lapus Bracelets will help them be their best selves

Type 7 The Enthusiastic Visionary

Sevens love variety and like to keep their options open.  They are highly optimistic, future-thinking, and energetic.  A type seven is typically spontaneous, busy and loves to have fun.

The core desire of a seven is to be happy.  Since they are ready to go at a moments notice our Sleeves in a Bag is perfect.  They will be ready for anything in those.

Sleeves in a bag

Type 8 The Challenger

Eights are powerful and self-confident.  An eight can be a force of nature because they carry a strong presence and naturally like to take charge.  An eight can also be compassionate and concerned with justice.  They have a strong will and know what they want.

It is best to let this type pick their own gift so a gift card makes sense here

Gift card

Type 9 The Peacemaker

Nines are often the glue that holds relationships together.  They are diplomatic in their choice of words, modest, and generally easy-going.  A nine tends to be agreeable and can often downplay their wants or needs.  They are also great at seeing both sides of things too.

We have Beautiful heart Necklaces that show the love


Hopefully this was helpful in your  search for the perfect gift.  What is your Type?  Share your thoughts with us.

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These personality types matched w. your gifts are so clever and well-expressed ! Great ideas!

Ona Kalstein

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