International Women's Day...What's the deal?

International Women's Day...What's the deal?

This year I decided to design a shirt in an effort celebrate what I consider to be a recognition of the Feminist Movement.  You can see it and purchase it here to get yours .   I started doing some research on the "holiday" and here are some of what I found.


Would you be surprised to know there is a lot of controversy about the origins?The common version of the holiday’s origins, it was established in 1907, to mark the 50th anniversary of a brutally repressed protest by New York City’s female garment and textile workers. But there’s a problem with that story: Neither the 1857 protest nor the 50th anniversary tribute may have actually taken place. In fact, research that emerged in the 1980s suggested that origin myth was invented in the 1950s, as part of a Cold War-era effort to separate International Women’s Day from its socialist roots.

Today looking at websites such as, the celebration should be gender neutral.  An equal world for all.  Of course I agree with this but I am not sure how I feel about about hijacking on of the few days we as women get where it is about empowerment and equality.

What do you think?

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