Is your Yoga Clothing poisoning the Oceans?

Is your Yoga Clothing poisoning the Oceans?

The answer:  If you buy our Yoga  and Athleasurewear  is,  NO!  So,  if you do, Congratulations!

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In an article published by The Guardian,  it talks about how the performance athletic wear that has become so popular is not only poisoning our Oceans,  but also our food supply. It is finally coming to light.  Every time you wash your Yoga or Athletic-wear,  pieces of microfiber end up going down the drain, ultimately finding their way into the ocean where the fish consume it.  That might be a more simplistic way of describing the problem,  but if you want more in depth information you can go to the article.

This is just one more reason that buying Natural fiber clothing, preferably from a slow fashion source is where we should put our consumer dollars. What will it take to wake people up to the reality that Fast is not  always the best.

What do YOU wear to work out in?

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