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It is that time again...Clean that Closet

The winter is quickly disappearing and Spring is around the corner or maybe for you it is already here.  It is the perfect time to dig into that closet and get it ready for the season so I thought some tips might be helpful.

Tip #1  Get in the Zone

You have to be in the right frame of mind to work on your closet.  If you are feeling like "I hate my body today", then maybe put it off for another time.  Find some good music to put on , light a candle....whatever help set the mood.

Tip #2  Make signs for your piles.

Make signs.  One that says donate....One that says toss (this is for something that is in taters and you can no longer even use it for rags.  Or maybe the toss pile will be your use for rags pile.  You will also need one for the items you want to store for next winter.

Tip #3 Start the Purge

Start at one end of your closet or the top of your closet.  Be methodical about the Start and finish.  It is the best way to go thru everything. 

Start filling those piles and on the things you want to keep, try them on.  Make sure you want to keep them especially if you have not worn them in a year.  This tip does have one caveat though.  Since we have had a year where we were not going out you might want to hold on to those things you like but had no where to wear them this year.  You will be going out again.

If you are iffy on some things, again I would say try them on.  We all gained Covid weight this year but let be critical about what our intentions are.  If it is so tight it hurts, it is time to retire it. 

Tip #4

Get some storage containers (maybe you already have them) and put all those things you will store for next winter.  Make sure they are air tight and put a sachet or even some nice smelling soap in there.  

Tip #5

Now that you have everything in piles of donate, toss and store, the rest of the things will be the keepers in your closet.  Organize them in a way that makes it easy for you to go in and choose what you want to wear.  That could be by outfit, by color or by styles like tops, dresses, pants etc.  Think about how it looks esthetically.  When you open your closet you want to smile and say what a beautiful closet I have! Now you can shop for the new season.

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