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Let's Talk Style

Let's Talk Style

January 08, 2018 1 Comment

Happy New Year. 

I wanted to start the year with a new series.  Let’s Talk Style.  Do you stand in front of your closet and just stare at the rack trying to figure out what combination will work for you? This series will give you the confidence to develop your own style.  We are all unique and we should dress that way.

When I was a young girl, I was one of those girly girls…Loved Barbie and started Hand knitting outfits for her.  It may sound corny but I feel like I was destined to create all things wearable.  By the time I was 13 I knew what my path was.  You might even say I was quite driven in my quest.

My style has evolved over the years with each stage.  As a teenager I was very shy and self-conscious about my body.  I think that is not so unusual, but it greatly influenced my style.  I focused on Oversized clothing.  I fell in love with fabrics and drape.  It was so much more fun to dress then the style of the times which was Less is best.  Those days really influenced my current style.

I remember being out with friends and this guy walking up to me, telling me how sexy my clothing was because it left so much to his imagination.  The funny thing about that was that I dressed like that so I would not get those kinds of compliments.  That taught me that the person I wanted to dress for was myself.

As an independent woman, I dress for myself.  I might look at trends but I prefer comfort and Uniqueness which means I create my own trends. As a designer, I like to create so that my customers can find their unique style. I love to see the transformation that empowering them does for them.

I did a lot of traveling and saw how people lived in 3rd world countries and the working conditions that they endured.  When I started Steel Pony with my Partner Dennis Wolk we decided we would not work with people that refused to pay their employees a living wage.  We decided to keep it local so we could make sure the working conditions were fair.  It was a happy accident that today we own a sustainable, made in America artisan clothing and handbag business.

Talk Soon.

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Linda Russell
Linda Russell

February 06, 2018

Really appreciate that you feel anyone can make their own style and it is more important to be comfortable then follow the trends. Also appreciate commitment to treat people who make your clothes fairly. Too much against that in fashion today, thanks, ethics count!

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