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Let's Talk Travel: Clothing that does double duty

The clothing I create has seen more of the world then I have.  LOL.

My customers tell me how great it is to travel with and they might be crumpled when they de-plane but the clothing they are wearing looks fresh.  That is a great compliment.  I also think it is important that each piece of your clothing gives you multiple options.  As an example, take 3 of SP Essentials styles:  The Roxie Jacket, Lea Tube and the Jet Skirt.

travel outfit travel dress  travel

With these 3 items you can make multiple outfits.  

  • Wear the Roxie Jacket open with the Jet Skirt worn as a dress.
  • The Roxie Jacket closed with the Lea Tube used as a belt holding the Roxie Closed to be a top with the Jet Skirt.
  • The Roxie Jacket closed as above but with the jet skirt worn as a Dress
  • The Lea Tube as a top under the Roxie Jacket with the Jet worn as a skirt.

That is 4 outfits right there and that is off the top of my head.  Given a little thought I know we can come up with more.  Just roll it up into your suitcase.  Take along our Sleeves in a bag and your outfits double.  

Pack light and wear clothing that is uniquely you.  That is the best way to travel.  I would love to hear where Steel Pony Clothing has traveled.  Share your trips with us.

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