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Look totally put together and feel like you are wearing PJ's

That is a bold statement.  How many of you leave the house every day and find yourself adjusting your clothing throughout the day.  Constantly pulling that tank down or adjusting your jacket so it is not so tight.  I feel you!

That is one of the reasons I started designing comfortable clothing that look great and feels even better.  I will never forget when I graduated college and bought that Grey Wool suit for interviews.  Looking back I think that must have put me over the edge in looking for a job I did not have to wear THAT everyday.

Even if you work in a profession where suits are the staple, you should be comfortable.  When I started working with Modal I knew I had found my favorite all time fabric.  In the definition it talks about use as PJ's but they don't say the rest.  It can also be used as a great fabric for work, play and Yoga.  

SP Essentials by Steel Pony was  created to find a way to use the fabric for every occasion.  Here are some examples.

Office outfitThis is a great set to wear to work.  It makes the perfect suit.  Just add pumps and stockings if you work at a more conservative company.  It will become your uniform.  Our Model is wearing the Catherine Dress and Roxie Jacket.

office outfit

out to a party set This is a great go to a party set.  It is comfortable, flowy and striking.  The Model is wearing the Jet skirt as a dress, using the Lea Tube for waist definition and the Roxie tops it off.  Pair with some great kicks like these shoes from OTBT. and you are all set.

.For more styles you can head on over to the SP Essentials page in the website.  If you are looking for more Creative pieces they will be in the Modal Section.

Do you have any pieces you feel comfortable in?  Share with us...

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