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Love the Skin you are in.

Are you ready to have a great Summer? Now that we are almost out of the COVID Bubble it might be time to take stock and do a little self care to look your best. I thought I would share some ideas on what you can do.

1) Exfoliate

To make your skin look brighter, you need to exfoliate. Doing so removes the dead skin that, if left untreated, can dull your complexion.

If you invest in an exfoliating scrub that uses natural ingredients, you’ll be giving your skin a fresh look and feel, whilst avoiding harmful parabens too. If you are skin sensitive like I am you might want to go easy on this. There are natural ways to exfoliate like these.

2) Moisturize

When you exfoliate first, it opens your pores to accept the moisture deeper into your skin. I also find that if I add my moisturizer to my wet skin it also helps absorb it better. This is a good thing in the summer as your skin will require all the hydration it can get to help in its battle against the sun.

By quenching your skin’s thirst with moisturizers, especially after exfoliation, you’ll give your skin a natural softness.

What’s more, moisturizing your skin will have the added bonus of locking in your tan for longer if you are tanning. But don't forget that sunscreen. I use 50SPF. I know people say 30 is enough but I do find a major difference.

3) Shave and Shower, correctly

Make sure you use blades that are not to dull and it’s also a good idea to keep your shaves short. Use lukewarm water and finish with a cool, refreshing skin to close the pores. Keep shaving short to avoid drying out your skin.


4) Always protect from the sun

I will say this again because it is so important. Use a good SPF. Even with 50 you will get a tan. It will even be a nicer tan because you get it gradually and it is a much safer way to tan.

5) Facials

Believe us, those women that always seem to enjoy perfect complexions are rarely just blessed with great skin. Having seemingly flawless skin requires effort on your behalf. Having said that, if you have sensitive skin or skin that is compromised like I do it is best to stay away from those salons. The chemicals they use are not good for us.

Facials do provide the skin with a regular deep cleanse that unclogs the pores and banishes blemishes.

The problem is, regular trips to get a facial are costly, in terms of both time and money.

So, why not do your own? Here is a link to some ideas.

6) Pedicure

They often get forgotten, but it’s important to keep your toes in tip top shape.

Let’s face it, you’ll more than likely have stuffed your poor feet into boots all winter so it’s only natural from them to need a bit of TLC before they’re summer-sandal safe.

Jumpstart your program with a trip to the salon but then keep up your good work with a home pedicure regime.

Tip - a great DIY way to treat feet is to file the rough skin, then lather with a body lotion, before placing your feet in cotton socks overnight.

A sure-fire way to have tip, top feet this summer.

7) Eat and drink well

Try to drink eight glasses of water each day to maintain your body’s required moisture balance – this will help keep your skin detoxified. It’s also a good idea to load up on luscious fruit and veg that will hydrate and nourish your skin.

It also doesn't hurt to eat well. Summer is the best time to get all those fruits and veggies at your local Farmers Market. So stock up.

Love the skin you’re in this summer. Apply these seven top tips – you won’t believe the difference.

Now you are ready to get into that Steel Pony breezy piece you have been waiting for.

Do you have a favorite recipe for an exfoliating scrub or facial? Tell us about it.

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