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Sustainable Fabric

Modal: What is it Really?

March 02, 2020

There has been so much talk about what is Sustainable and there is a lot of variation on the answer to that. What fibers are sustainable?  How sustainable? I think we need to look at each type of fabric separately.  Ofter, when

So about this
“Modal” you keep hearing about...

“It’s sustainable + yada yada yada = clothes.”

So what happens in the “yada yada yada” phase?

A lot, actually.

When we refer to modal as a sustainable
Fabric, we’re implying it is something that can hang-in for the long-haul. An ideal that even cotton is at risk of not being able to claim for much longer.

But modal comes, in part, from the beechwood tree. The really magical thing about this is, beechwood trees multiply by the process of “rejuvenation”. They propagate by themselves! There isn’t an extra amount of
Planting or irrigating necessary to sustain the beechwood tree. They just take nature into their own hands as if to say “We are here to help, guys! Stand back - We’ve got this.”

And it’s not like Beechwood fibers are inferior. In fact, they are SOFT, they are cozy, they are strong, and they are meant to last - which helps to solve the most important need of all - reducing the amount of things discarded and replaced.

So when you shop with Steel Pony, and invest in our statement pieces, you can be confident that your investment holds enormous, long-lasting value that will pay for itself in terms of long-lasting quality and durability.

Slow fashion, and investment in the bigger picture, is what our style is all about. When you walk through life in our gear, and someone inevitably mentions that they love your outfit, you’re given the gift of an opportunity to explain why what we wear, what we stand for, and what it means for our future, MATTERS. And THAT is how we can each make a difference, one day, and one casual conversation, at a time.

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