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More on Style

The most amazing thing about each of us is that we are unique and one-of-a-kind.  No one has the same shoulder measurement, waist or body length.  Some of us are short waisted or long waisted, etc.  You see where I am going with this.


There are 3 reasons your style is unique to you.

  • Your unique body- Are you well endowed?  Short waisted? Tall?  Short?
  • Your Personal taste- Is your style preppie or bohemian? Classic but edgy? Do you love color?  Do you like to only wear black?
  • Your Lifestyle- Do you work in an office and dress professional? Are you a busy mom who wants to look good when running around but also want comfortable clothes that’s easy to take care of?

These factors make up your Style choices.


Let’s start with Your Unique Body. Within this category there is your body shape and your personal preferences. Some women like to cover their arms while others want to show off their defined arms.


It is always good to start from the top so let’s begin with our chest; that’s the Style Challenge for today.  We all have definite opinions depending on whether you have small, medium or large breast.  When I was young I remember not really having any.  I asked my mom to take me bra shopping and she said: “What for? You don’t need it.” I was devastated. I wanted so much to look like a woman.  Fast forward to today and I wish I was that small. 


You have 2 choices. You can embrace them, or you can visually minimize them. I have a few suggestions for each decision.


 Embrace them with

  • V-necks or Scoop Necks because both are flattering
  • Wrap dresses and tunics help to define your overall shape
  • Stretch fabrics are great because they are more forgiving
  • Fitted rather then clingy fabrics help to show off your assets
  • Defining your waist help to add attention to your chest

Minimize them with

  • A minimizer Bra with good support
  • Soft fabrics and fine jersey like our Modal to reduce bulk
  • Scarves to take the attention away for them
  • A-line Tops, Tunic and Dresses to give you more of a contoured shape
  • An open V-neck piece on top to draw your attention down which will make them seem smaller

 Roxie Jacket ModalRoxie Jacket wrapGirl in RoxieModal Jacket

Our SP Essentials Collection fits both scenarios.  You could wear the Roxie Jacket wrapped if you wanted to show off what you have verses open to minimize those bad boys.


Our next Style Challenge?  Our waistlines. In the meantime, tell us your style challenges.  We may feature you and give you a style makeover.



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Love this blog! You always bring out the best in all of us!


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