New Trend Alert...The Zoom Top

New Trend Alert...The Zoom Top

I don’t think if you asked 6 months ago any of us would have imagined that our lives would be so changed. Normally I would be talking about the Spring trends in terms of style and color.  I would be talking about outfits and looks for the beach, weddings and spring picnics.

At times, I think we are all in an episode of The Twilight Zone and at any moment we will wake up.

Until then, in this New Normal we still want to connect with others and look good doing it so many of us are booked solid with Zoom Meetings for work as well as social connection.

One positive outcome?  We don’t have to think out a total look.  They see only the top part anyway so when shopping you need to focus on the tops, accessories and jewelry that will set you apart on the screen. 😍

So, here are some tips...

1.  Go for color.  Black has always been the color of choice for many of you but who wants to be in a sea of black on a screen of 100.

2.  Use accessories such as our Silk Scarves to brighten up your screen.  Show your fashion style.


3.  Use Jewelry around your neck to accentuate your face.

4.  Many of us have not been able to do anything about our hair for color or cut.  Instead of a baseball cap, wear a colorful wide headband or scarf.


 No matter what you do stay safe, social distance and Wear Your Mask!

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