Not all Modal is created Equal

Not all Modal is created Equal

Photo by Jachan DeVol on Unsplash

What is Modal anyway?

Modal fibre is the generic name for a semi-synthetic Rayon, originally developed in Japan in 1951.  Today, one of the best known producers of Modal is made by an Austrian Company, Lenzing AG.  They market under the name Lenzing Modal .  It is protected by a Global Certification system which is registered worldwide.

Modal Outfit

Lenzing Modal has developed and innovative  environmental process not available to others that uses non toxic technologies to recover 95% of Modals production materials, minimizing emissions and conserving resources.

With the rise of Modal in the fashion and athletic market, it is in high demand.  This has lead to other manufacturers to produce different forms of Modal not using environmentally friendly practices. 

The result floods the market with a cheaper product in all ways.  If the garment is made in China, chances are the Modal is from Indonesia and a "dirty" fabric.

Know where your Modal comes from...Here at Steel Pony...We use Lenzing Modal®

Remember you get what you pay for.........................always

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