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Our brain in Meditation

Our brain in Meditation

July 02, 2018

OK, so you decided you need a meditation practice.  Found an app that has guidance 

you sit down and turn it on.

App- Relax your neck and shoulders.  Roll your neck around.  Now find a comfortable position to sit for your practice.

You- This seems easy.

App- Now close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

You-YES.  I got this!

App- your mind will wander but just bring it back to your breath.  Ok, now there  will be a gong sound.  Every time you hear it bring your mind back to the breath.

You- No, I got this! Oh, what is that over there? It is pretty, maybe I will go that way.  What will I write for today’s blog?  Ugh, I should have found a better position.  My butt is killing me.

App-  Ding

You-  Oh right.  My mind.  Breathe, Focus.  Hey that would make a good blog post.  Boy, is this almost over?   My nose itches.

App- Ding

You-  Focus-Focus-Relax will you?  I can’t wait to write this post.  When will this be over already? My arm itches.

App-  Now bring your mind back to the present and open your eyes.  You did it!  Congrats.

That wasn’t so hard was it?  How do you meditate.  Share your stories.

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