Questions Customers Ask

Questions Customers Ask

These are some of the things I am asked about our products.

  • How do I take care of my pieces?

This is probably the number one question I am asked regularly.  Our clothing is made to be easy care.  You should always wash a new piece alone the first time.  When we dye the clothing, it goes thru many washings but a bit of dye can still come out on the first wash.  Please wash it in a mesh bag in the washing machine on delicate cold water wash.  Many of my customers want to hand wash but it is better the first time to wash in the machine so if there is anything left it gets out of there.  After the first wash you can wash it with other similar colored things but I strongly recommend a mesh bag.  It will help your piece last forever.

  • Will the painting come off when I wash it?

The first time I was asked this question, I was shocked.  How could I be in business if the shirts I painted, the paint came off of?  Because I always used quality everything in my life I never thought any brand would sell things like that.  I guess I was wrong since I continued to get that question.  We use textile paint made specifically for textiles and we heat set the painting to cure it.  The painting will last at least as long as the shirt.

  • How long will it take to get my order?

The answer to this question varies.  If it is something in the On the Rack, sale, Accessories, Jewelry, or  handbags Collections we have them ready to ship so they usually go out within a day or 2 of the order.  Much of our clothing is in the Made to Order section which means it might be sewn ready for dying or partly sewn.  For many of our pieces, we have to do some finish sewing either before or after the dying process.  That takes a little more time but we try to get them out 7-10 days after the order is placed. There have been occasions where it takes longer such as pre orders.   It is always good to let us know if you need something for a certain date so we can make sure we can get it to you.

  • How do I pick my fabrics?

I have rules that I try to follow like fabric that is all Natural, Fabric made in the USA, they have to be soft and drapy.  Then of course I go off on tangents and find something I have to have that is all natural but is made in China like the cotton Mesh.  As I push myself to work more sustainably, I am buying less of what I call my eye candy fabrics.  I wish we kept more of our USA grown cotton here but unfortunately much of it goes oversees so the footprint on that is not workable as I move more circular.

  • Will the color fade?

We use Fiber Reactive Dyes.  I like them for a number of reasons.  They are very color fast so they take many washes before they fade.  They are water soluble so they are safe once water hits them and they can go down the drain and I love color.

Do you have a question?  Ask me in the comments.




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