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Size Matters

I are wondering what that title means.  To be honest, so am I.  As I work on my business, I constantly look at everything and question everything.

When I first started my business and I would say to this day, I never really looked at size or age when I designed a collection.  I believe clothing is an extention of ourselves.  It is a way to express our creativity and to show the world who we are.

If you look around you can see that in action.  We identify based on how we dress.  We may like to wear things skin tight or loose and flowy.  This is where size comes in.  If you want it skin tight and you identify based on your measurements as a Large, you might be buying smalls.  At the other end of the spectrum you might measure to be a size 6 but you like things oversized and may decide it is the XL that is right for you.  I think we place way too much emphasis on what size we are or perceived to be.

At Steel Pony, we want you to feel comfortable in your body,  not the body you are always on a diet for, wishing you had.....for the body you have right now.

So buy the fit that you feel good in and stop looking at what the label says.  We try really hard to be size inclusive and we think whether we weigh 125 lbs or 225 lbs you are beautiful so go out and show the world your beauty.  

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I like my clothes fitting loose so I normally order a extra large.
Should I order the extra large or xxl ?


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Hi I am Joanne Litz Cofounder of Steel Pony.
I graduated in Textile Design from, the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. Worked in the "Industry" as a design director before starting Steel Pony. A company focused on slow sustainable fashion over 30 years ago
I love Creative Fashion, Art, and Energy Healing. My mission is to help women find their inner goddess and shine from the inside out.