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Sizing Matters

Sizing Matters

January 12, 2021

One of the biggest pain points I hear from my customers is about sizing.  Especially when buying online.  Not being sure something fits you properly.  That is where a good designer or stylist can be invaluable.  
Here are some pointers to follow.

Know your measurements.  This will help you when you look at size charts.
Know how you like to wear your clothing.  If you like relaxed fit, on more fitted items you might want to size up.  Here at Steel Pony we love comfort but we also love style so if you are not sure ask.  
Know how the fabric drapes. That will give you more direction on how the clothing will flow on you.
Read the descriptions.  They guide you as to how the item is meant to fit but ultimately you are in the drivers seat.  If you like your clothing more fitted then you might want to size down.

Check out our recommender for sizing.  It is set up to suggest sizing based on how you like it to fit

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Size Chart

This chart is actual body measurements to help guide you to the right size.  Since our clothing is relaxed fit, please ask if you are not sure.  For instance some of the Modal Styles you will want to buy a size smaller.