Some of my favorite CRAFT Brands

Some of my favorite CRAFT Brands

Hi all.  Many of you know that we still do some Juried Craft Shows.  Well at least we used to.  The most recent casualty to this virus is Sugarloaf Mountain Works which was a major promoter on the East Coast.

With this new development, it leaves many Artists with a big hole in their ability to make a living.  So I wanted to Spotlight some of my favorite people so if you can check them out and support them if you can.

Groundhog Blues Pottery 


Helen and Al Weichman have been been doing Sugarloaf shows since the early days.  They are some of my favorite people.  There work includes functional Pottery as well as Pet Sculptures. Check them out HERE

Georgene Novack Jewelry

If you have ever been in our shop you may have seen Georgene's work.  I love her vibe.  It so matches ours. She uses mixed metals and combines pottery techniques.  We will continue to carry her work but you an also find her HERE

Rona Fisher Jewelry


Rona Fisher

We have known Rona for many years.  Her work is spectacular.  If you want fine jewelry she is someone you should check out.  She does a lot of Special Occasion custom work.  You can see her HERE.

Robert DeWitt


Bob and Dominick are so talented.  Bob hand makes all the wood you see here.  His enthusiasm for his craft inspires all of us to love our craft.  He makes everything from spoons to full Dining sets.  Although I do not have any image, Dominick is a wonderful painter.  You can find Bob HERE  

These are only a few of the great Artists I have had the pleasure of meeting on my journey.  The craft circuit was my family and social life for such a long time, It leaves a big hole in my heart.   I hope we will all see each other in the future.  

You can check out more great Crafters in a facebook group that has been started.  Check it out HERE.

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