Spring Fashion -By your Horiscope

Spring Fashion -By your Horiscope

Photo by Dan Russo on Unsplash

With Spring fast approaching, did you ever wonder how your sign could effect your Style? I thought it might be fun to take a look.  Many of you know I love healing crystals and all things zodiac.  When I was young, I learned how to read horoscopes.  I pursued it in a serious way and I always thought it was fun to see how accurate it was.  So, check out yours and let me know if I got close to your Spring Horoscope.

  • Capricorn

Your practical side will be front and center this year.  Invest is a few pieces that are a good quality and have a broader range of wearing opportunities.  Our Modal Collection fits the bill.  MODAL COLLECTION


  • Aquarius

You will be Original and inventive this year.  Your clothing will be too.  SHOP

original outfit

  • Pisces

The selfless side will be front and center for you this year.  You can give back thru Steel Pony's Give a S#!*t program.  Only available in the shop but I hope to bring it to the website soon.  $5.00 of every shirt sold goes to a non profit.  Stop in the shop to check it out.


  • Aries

You will be looking for some dveenture this year which should mean travel.  I set up a whole section just for you.  Check out our TRAVEL COLLECTION

  • Taurus

You are Notorious for being self indulgent.  I mean that in a good way.  We should all be like you...you take care of yourself.  That makes you perfect for a One of a Kind Handbag and there are no better or beautiful bags then Journey Bags!


  • Gemini

Your youthful lively self will love the Harper Top or Darci Top.

  • Cancer

You like to hold onto things which makes you a perfect candidate for the SoleMate socks we sell.  Plus you are a homebody ad they are perfect for that as well.

  • Leo

Your creative side will be showing with our One Of a Kind pieces.

  • Virgo

The Perfectionist in you appreciates the work in Dennis's Journey Bags.   They are all made with attention to the details.

  • Libra

Your Romantic side will be unleashed this year so anything with lace is Perfect for you.  Luckily, I am also so into lace there is a nice selection on our website.  One of my favorite pieces is the Cameron Tunic Dress because it works alone but really looks great under other tunics.

Cameron TunicSet

  • Scorpio

You will be full of Magnetism this year.  All the Steel Pony Clothing that you wear will attract the person or people you seek.

main image

  • Sagittarius

You are freedom loving, which in clothing speak, means you love comfortable clothing that moves.  Our Modal fabric is perfect for you.  Check out these great styles.

Spring collectionModal

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it.  I would love to here your thoughts and ideas.




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