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Spring Trends we think are Steel Pony worthy

Photo by Raden Prasetya on Unsplash

I wanted to  take our minds off of Winter for a minute.  Even if you are in an area that had a mild winter, this is about the time I get tired of bundling up. A time we start to want some freshness in our lives.

Spring  is coming and as usual there have been all these runway shows and the "Fashion" media comes out with what stood out as trends on the Runway.  Here are a few.  The pieces I am showing will be on the website soon.

Polka Dots

The Haisley Tunic Dress takes a very modern approach to Polka Dots.  Not only that but it also gives the illusion of a waist even if you don't have one.

More over sized dots ...the Kelly T-shirt.

 Bermuda Shorts

Ok I know...we do not do shorts, It had been a long time since we have done any but they feel fresh and new and of course I am doing a Steel Pony version.

The Aurora Short is made in Cotton knit and perfect for Spring.


Always a look that fits into our aesthetic.  I love the look of it so I could not resist adding a little of it into our Spring collection with the Dior Sweater vest. (Vests are also a big look this year).

In Tiers

On the runway they showed a lot of ruffles layered on top of each other.  The look is very carnival and not wearable in my opinion but we love to stack and layer.  For us it comes with every collection.


 Of course there is also Tie Dye....well you know we are all over that!  Keep your eyes pealed for Spring.  Coming to a website near you.

Once these styles are on the website I will link to them on this blog post so save it.



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What a lovely collection! I think the colors are so fresh and new and of course, I’m loving the shorts!!!! I’m so thankful that your creativity seems to know no bounds! Can’t wait to order!


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