Style tips in the time of Covid

Style tips in the time of Covid

We are all trying to get thru this period where comfort trumps style.  I believe we can have both and I have dedicated my Fashion Career to that end.  I wanted to know what others in the Fashion Community would say so I asked a few influencers for their take on the question.  Here is what they said





Keep it cute and comfortable—and wear a mask !

Fashionbonbdaily is an Online Fashion Magazine.  All Fashion, all the time.  Check them out ar @fashionbombdaily



“Get dressed every day. Getting dressed every day has helped me stay focused and intentional with business. It also brightens my morning and I believe mindset is everything! My go to’s are full makeup and hair accompanied by loose fitting tops and comfortable pants.” ❤️

Cheldin Barlatt is the owner and main creative of This is it TV.  A digital network helping women Scream their Dream.  Check her out at @thisisittv



Hi Joanne! Thanks for thinking of me :) I would say my favorite tips right now is just be comfortable. If you are able to work from home, you are literally getting away with wearing your best pjs to work everyday- live it up! With the pressure of having to dress to impress gone, this allows you to buy things you will actually enjoy wearing that don't make you feel uncomfortable! 

Alisa Kahn is a  lifestyle Blogger in Philadelphia.  Follow her @alisa.kahn



Whenever you are leaving the house, add something bright/sparkly/unique to your wardrobe, whether that be a fun mask, piece of jewelry, hair accessory, wild shirt/pants/shoes just something that will make someone else smile and probably leave you with a few compliments that will make you feel good too🌈✨

Lexi Scaffidi started DreamWalk.  A Fashion Show giving people of all shapes, ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities and abilities the chance to shine on stage and share their stories with the world.  Follow her on Instagram at @Bitesizedsis

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who contributed.  You guys ROCK!

We would love t hear how you are dressing during Covid.  Share your tips with us.


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