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Survival Story...Staying in Business Post Corona

Survival Story...Staying in Business Post Corona

May 11, 2020

Has it been a year or what!  If you have a business, you started the year with your plan.  This was going to be the year.  Well it certainly will be the year but will you and your business survive?  I have had to step back myself and ask that question.

Dennis and I have been in business a long time.  During which there have been many ups and downs.  We have learned that in order to stay in business, you have to pivot a lot.

Pivoting is a word I hear a lot these days.  For many it is the first time they really had to figure things out but for us it is a way of doing business.  If you are to survive this next period, you have to remain open to change and go where you need to.

When they started closing Craft Shows, we went online and did a virtual craft/studio sale.  When they said we had to be closed, we realized the need for face masks and jumped on that.  Although that really is not a money maker for us (we are donating most of it to Philabundance), it was a way to keep busy, help others and stay sane.

At the same time, I have decided to invest in the future (more will be revealed at a soon to be announced date).  In the meantime, here are some things you can do to keep looking forward.

  • Invest brain time into your day.  How can you rework your business model?
  • Keep talking to your people.  Stay connected.  They want to support you.
  • Reinvest into your business.
  • Continue to generate new ideas.
  • Keep Creating

Do you have ways you are moving forward?  Share with us.

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