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Sustainability as a lifestyle. Ideas for living it.

Shop your own Closet.

I recently had a conversation with Rachel Mednick-Higgins, Founder of The Fashion Circular about ways we can do more to be Sustainable and she shared this great idea on how you can take what you already have and make it new again. I am so excited to share that with you.


Rachel Mednick-Higgins


A little about Rachel.

She is passionate about circular fashion and changing how the fashion industry works.

A fashion educator at Drexel University and Moore College of Art & Design as well as a founding member of the Philadelphia Task Force for Fashion and Garments (Head of the Sustainability Committee), an active member of the Advisory Council to the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator and leader of the Clothing/Textiles Coalition with All Together Now PA.


Here are her tips to Shop your Closet

"The best way to be a #sustainable shopper is to shop your own closet. Instead of spending money on a rental subscription, I made my own rental boxes from what was in my closet.

I will switch them out over my few weeks and it will feel like I have a new wardrobe!

Not only does this get me excited about clothing I have lost interest in, but it also gets me thinking about new outfit ideas and let’s me pair things together I never would have thought of otherwise.

How to set up your own rental boxes:

1. Remove all of your clothing from your closet and divide into categories ex: work dresses, sundresses, tee shirts, blazers, jeans, skirts etc.

2. Decide if there are any categories you want to keep accessible all the time. I keep my workout clothes, tee shirts and tanks all in my dresser in color coded order.


3. Find bins, I had these 4 bins in my house already. If you don’t have any cardboard boxes will do! Check your local but nothing group for options before buying anything new.

4. Start sorting, do one category at a time and stick with the same order as you continue through each category.

5. Don’t over think it just let your kind wander and continuing adding to each in until all of your categories are finished.

6. Unpack your first box into your closet and tuck the other bins away( in the bottom of your closet or out if site)

7. Set a calendar reminder to switch out your bin!

Enjoy shopping your Closet!"

We would love to see your finished "Rental Bins". Share them with us!

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