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The 5 Reasons you should join the Filly VIP Club

Almost 2 years ago we created a special club for our customers.  The reason we did that in part was to thank our repeat customers, of which we have many.  I really thought that the main benefit was to give them a discount for being such a loyal customer would be the major factor that people would join but I was wrong.  Here is one review that I want to share with you.

Sherri L wrote a review about Filly VIP Club
Great way to support a small local craftsperson

I used to shop steel pony back before they had a shop and were at the craft fairs! I rediscovered them several years back, and when covid-19 hit, I saw this as a way to support them in the tough times. I will continue to do so, even if I am not a heavy buyer, because I am happy to continue to my support.

The discount is a bonus in my opinion.🤓

Have you joined our Group Yet?  Here are 5 Reasons you should.

  1. The first one and the one I thought was important is the Discount.  You get 15% off almost everything including sales
  2. Free Customizations.  Let's be honest, we do not have perfect bodies.  Some of us are short or tall or have short arms etc.  We shorten sleeves, lengths, make those little tweaks where we can so your piece fits right and feels good. 
  3. You will be the first to see our new collections before everyone else.  Often we do a very limited cut so you get to buy it first.. 
  4. Community. There are times when I am creating a new collection that I need feedback.  You will have an opportunity to create with me.  
  5. Exclusive e-mails  You will get a weekly e-mail that will have exclusive content just for you.

Here is another review

Kim S

Something special

Being in the Filly VIP club has made shopping for my favorite Steel Pony clothes even more fun. I appreciate the discounts, allowing me the opportunity to purchase more fabulous SP clothing. It's the best!!!

Are you ready to join us?  JOIN NOW 

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