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The Accidental Influencer

I first heard about Dayle from my husband Dennis actually.  He is much more consistent on Instagram then I am. He was scrolling thru his feed and noticed that many of our friends (also artists) were following @artfulstyle.  I took one look at her feed and said .  "Wow" she is our customer, we should contact her.  So I did and found an amazing woman who kind of fell into what she is doing with Instagram.  

We had a focus group a while back and one of the participants and a good customer said, I aspire to be that fabulous woman that goes to craft shows totally put together with all the layers and jewelry.  Dayle is that person.  A photographer, Denton Taylor,  actually approached her when he spotted her at a craft show in Manhattan and talked her into doing a shoot which has lead her on this path.  I am not sure she knows how much we, as designers appreciate that she is doing this and she loves the clothing and is authentic in her approach to us as Designers and to her audience.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for being there, knowing how hard it is as a designer to gain the exposure  so others might support us as well.

A little bit about Dayle.  She is from the Midwest originally but has lived in New York for many years.  She is now retired from being an advocate and public speaker on health care and consumer protection issues and pursues her passion for the arts working as a docent at a New York art museum.

I asked her to show an outfit this past weekend and she liked something I had done from the past so I decided to do something special for her which you can see here. It came out so amazing I decided to make it available for order for a limited time.  You can find it HERE.

I hope you will follow her @artfulcitystyle and support her work as a Muse for those of use who design clothing that is off center.

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She looks fabulous, and inspired me to buy a tunic for myself!

Irene McCullough

Special Dye Arya Tunic: gorgeous!!

Ona Kalstein

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