The American Makers Movement:  Alive and Well?

The American Makers Movement: Alive and Well?

Photo by Raoul Ortega on Unsplash

The American Makers Movement allowed many of us to make a nice living in the 80's and 90's.   Our generation understood the value of buying Hand Made by people they met doing the work.  Since the early 2000's the movement took a downturn with the creation of  the new style Big Box Stores like Target who marketed to the more upscale customer coining the phrase "Tar-jey".  In addition, Fast fashion started becoming more popular, customers began loosing the connection to the maker.

The movement  continues on and new players have come in to help and promote.  One is called AnytownUSA .  They have just launched a podcast and rather then me telling you about it, here is a blogpost giving you the details.

Have you heard? We’ve just launched a new podcast on iTunes titled The American Made Marketplace! The series will bring listeners to towns across America to hear the personal stories of people still making products in the United States. Each week, AnytownUSA founder and CEO Geralyn Breig (left) and AnytownUSA COO Maureen Linder will hold intimate, in-depth conversations with folks who are committed to making their goods in the U.S. “We’re honored to help sellers tell their stories, which we know listeners will find inspirational,” says co-host Maureen.

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Let me know what you think of this trend.  Are we moving in the right direction?

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