The BLK Collection

The BLK Collection

I haven't really talked about my my black collection that I do. And I wanted to kind of just give you a little peek into it. So it's in the BLK collection on the website. And you can you can see all the pieces there. But I wanted to show you that collection.

And what it is, it's made of the model fabric, but it's not hand dyed. it's fabric died. So it's solid black. It's the only thing that we offer, not hand dyed.

And I took some of the best pieces and I made them in this fabric because it's just a great basic fabric. And so this jacket is the Roxie jacket. And as you can see, I had it tied up in the front. You can really make it fitted if you want. It is shorter in the back and it comes in two sizes. just a great basic jacket. I call them creative basics.

And I did the Pam palazzo pant also in the black. I don't know if you guys can see it, but it's just these are really good basic pieces to start with. You can then layer up with like a piece like this which is the Taffy top and this one is hand dyed.

So I am also offering in this collection a basic tank piece, which because everybody needs a basic tank in their closet. Right. So it's a little aligned. So for those of us that have hips, it's perfect for that. And it's called the Victoria. And then the taylor which is probably one of my best selling piece. It is so flattering on almost everybody that that wears it. it's great looking on because it gives you a little bit of shape, but it pulls away from your stomach so it doesn't have that going on.

So and that's the taylor. And then I made the Randy because I think that piece was also another really good piece as a basic piece to layer other things under and over it. So I have that piece for you. And then I did a new piece, called the Aura. If you guys remember the Elly tunic, this is the same thing, but it's in the model and it's really comfortable to wear.

I took the Jet skirt and I did it in the same fabric. And then I have a new pant. It's called the Cheri. it's a slimmer pant.

so this is a really long pant.

So it's full length and if you're tall it's great for you, but it can always be shortened and it's straight leg versus the pant which is more of a palazzo pant. So those are my, my basics.  You can see them below.
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