The Fae Shrug...sleeves for everyone

The Fae Shrug...sleeves for everyone

June 03, 2018

We have been making this shrug for quite a while now and think it is a piece you should all have in your handbag....Yes I said handbag.   

Summer is upon us and we love wearing less.  I can only speak for myself but shedding the long sleeve in favor of sleeveless really gets me in the best sunny mood.  The one thing I hate about summer is air conditioning.  Before I used to always carry around a jacket so when I went into a place that was cold, I would have something to put on.  Who wants to lug around another piece of clothing. 


So, I invented something that I could throw into my bag and have available but the problem was that it got dirty from all the stuff I carried. That was an easy problem to fix.  Now the shrug comes in a cotton eco friendly drawstring bag that you can throw in your bag or tie to your belt loop.  It is the perfect summer piece and we are offering a 2fer.  Deanna made a fun video telling you all about it.


Steel Pony Featured Product from Steel Pony on Vimeo.

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