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The Fashion Shift-Comfort Wear

Fashion has always reflected popular culture.  Typically, this is where I say but we do not follow fashion trends.  In this instance though, we are the trend.  Comfort has always been King to us but we also want to look good doing it!

We are now seeing a turn inwards, to people being increasingly concerned about self-care and their mental health, spending more time at home, cooking, getting back to basics because they're frazzled and depleted by the stress induced by the news.. That change in lifestyle is causing a surge in demand for products that speak to that way of living, and rediscovered appreciation for lounging and relaxation.

So with that said here are some of our Cozy, Comfortable outfits.

Modal comfortable outfit Our Taylor Top in a Happy Low Immersion Dye feels like you are wearing you PJ's with the Pam Palazzo Pant. Great for hanging out on your sofa or at the computer at your Zoom meeting.

When I designed the Spring Collections, I had no idea of what to come but for some reason I felt I needed to have happy colors.  The outfit above reflects that feeling.  

Meaghan Sweater

The Meaghan Sweater is the cornerstone of what I was trying to express.  It is dyed in a bright Magenta.  A color I have never put in any collection and Hand Painted with  Happy Flowers  It is so comfortable and easy to wear.  Perfect for all indoor activities.

But the best thing about this collection and all my collections, while they are so Comfy you could hang out in them for days, they also will look good when we are back on the street, in restaurants and at work (depending on the dress code). I hope that is soon.

You will always be Beautifully Comfortable in Steel Pony.  

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I am wearing my new Kelly T-shirt in bright pink. Usually I don’t wear this color, hot pink, but for a good reason, I was guided to choose this style and color. I LOVE IT. It feels good, fits me just right; as I am now 5 ft. Looks good with jeans or your capris, a skirt, also. I like everything about it and look forward to my next purchase. Joanne you are awesome.

Karen S

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