The Tie Dye Trend...Here to stay?

The Tie Dye Trend...Here to stay?

Tie Dye has been around for hundreds of years.  It dates back to techniques used in Ancient Asia and South American cultures.

The Japanese version is called Shibori Dye and the techniques used can take many hours to set up prior to the actual dying.

One of the reasons Tie Dye has become more popular I think is that with all the boring uniform clothing out there, one can show their individuality since no two are alike.  That said, in this fast fashion world that may no longer be true.  Big companies now print fabric to look like tie dye.  So, how do you make sure you are buying authentic Tie Dye,  Shibori dye or Low immersion dye?  If you walk up to a rack and they all look alike, chances are it is printed fabric.  So how do you know.

  1. You are buying it from an actual maker.  Usually at a Music Festival or Craft Show and they have a multitude of colors and patterns.
  2. Buy from a small local shop that sells hand made and features artists.
  3. Every piece in the place looks different and the price reflects a hand made product.

Here are some looks...



My next post on Tie Dye- 5 Ways to Wear the Trend.

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