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This is not your Mothers (Grandmothers) Tie Dye

Almost everyone who walks into our shop says "Oh, Tie Dye" when they see the racks.  I look around and think, what are these people talking about?  It is clear that the act of anything dyed by hand is perceived  as Tie Dye which is not only wrong but somewhat offensive. 

What most people mean by tie dye are those "60'S" t-shirts 

Tie Dye 

Photo by Joshua Stitt on Unsplash

People perceive this type of dying as inexpensive which I personally do not understand as this is a very labor intensive process. Hopefully, after you read this you will have a clearer understanding of the techniques.

We do many different types of dying but the above is not one of them.

Hand Dying is our main technique where we use One color dye and work to make sure it is not a solid dye like in the industry.


The Lilliana Dress

As you can see there is a significant difference. 

We also do Low immersion dying which uses almost no water and no salt so it is one of our most sustainable techniques.

Low immersion   

 This one is not available on the website yet.  Coming soon...













Then there is Shibori Dye which is a Japanese technique of using different resists.  Here is one example.

The Brooklyn Tunic

All these techniques make a beautiful patterning but I would not call them Tie Dye.

So what is your opinion?  



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