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Threads 4 Healing: The Transformative Power of Creativity in Textiles and Fashion

In the story of my life, textiles, and fashion are like the colorful threads holding together all the different parts of my journey.

My connection to textiles is like this personal dance with expressing myself, feeling nostalgic, and that special kind of magic that only fabric can bring to the different parts of my life. Sometimes, it was the only thing keeping me sane.



Unraveling the Past

To get why textiles and fashion can heal, let's dig into our pasts. Our lives are like a woven fabric over time, and every piece of clothing we have is packed with memories and personal stories. Whether it's a cozy scarf knitted by someone special or those trusty old jeans that saw all our adventures, these fabrics hold our unique tales.


Can you all relate to this? Do you remember the first dress you chose for a special occasion? I certainly do. Mine was a luxurious velvet dress that I stumbled upon in a store where, coincidentally, I would later find myself working. This special garment adorned me on the occasion of my bat mitzvah, radiating a rich burgundy hue that mirrored the depth of the fabric. The velvety softness enveloped me, and for the first time, I felt undeniably grown up.

It was in that moment, draped in the elegance of that velvet dress, that I recognized the profound impact clothing had on how I wanted the world to perceive me. The attire became a silent storyteller, conveying my transition into adulthood with each delicate thread. From that point forward, my wardrobe ceased to be merely an ensemble of fabrics; it became a vessel for self-expression.

As time rolled on, my fashion taste changed too. My outfits turned into a mix of expressions that showed off who I am. Each outfit was like a stroke on the canvas of my identity. Fashion became my way of talking, and I loved how it let me express all the different sides of myself.


So, as we journey through the landscapes of our wardrobes, can you relate? Can you recall the dress that marked your rite of passage? Perhaps it was the softness of the fabric or the vibrant color that imprinted the memory. For me, that velvet dress was more than an outfit—it was a declaration, a silent proclamation of selfhood that resonates through the years.



Fashion as a Form of Self-Expression

Fashion isn't just about following trends; it's like a way we talk about our feelings, beliefs, and dreams. In our style, we find a cozy space where we can be ourselves without saying a word. The colors and textures we pick, all tell stories about who we are.

Now, fabrics are magical in soaking up and changing energy. When we create stuff, we put our feelings into the fabric, making it a living record of our thoughts. Wearing these creations is like wrapping ourselves in a blanket of good vibes and self-love.

Guess what? Doing things with textiles, like knitting or designing, actually helps us chill out. It's like our hands are sending out good vibes, and each stitch is a little step towards feeling better emotionally.

So, what are you waiting for?  We all can create.  Find your creative passion and just start. Tell me what you plan to create.

You can see my Special creaations HERE


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Wow, that is really interesting! You first took me back to my cousin’s Bar mitzvah, when I would have been about 4 and my sister and I had the same dress just different colors, one pink and one blue. I think I had the pink because I was younger! I was not a fan of a dress back then but I sure am now! It was a typical fluffy dress that kids would have worn in the late 60s!

Next you took me to MY Bat Mitzvah! Now that was a site! A camel color matching top and knee length skirt that was very Native American looking with embroidery and beaded tassels! The fabric was soft, almost like a fleece, but that was not a thing yet. It was December so it had to be warm. I was still not a fan of a dress, but had to wear one so I settled on separates.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

I do feel like my clothes say a lot about me too! Comfy and colorful!


Sherri c

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