Three things you can do to have an impact for Earth Day

Three things you can do to have an impact for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up and Fashion Revolution Week is just behind it.  Not only that the Climate Works Foundation came out with a report about Fashion and the effect is has on our environment.

It basically said that the Apparel and Footwear Industries have a much bigger impact on global changes then many other things we think about when we are trying to be sustainable.  So forget about that extra 2 minutes you stay in the shower, there are much better ways to be more ecofriendly.

Three things you can do to change the course of global Climate Change and they are all about Fashion.

Fast Fashion

1.  Stop buying Fast Fashion

This one is a  biggy. You want cheap?  Remember the saying you get what you pay for?  That T-shirt you bought at that big box store.  You washed it 3 times and it looks really shabby?   When you buy quality over quantity you always win.  Even in your pocketbook.


2. Stop Buying Polyester

Polyester is about 60% of the apparel produced and it sucks. It is made from Fossil fuels, when you wash it the fibers which are plastic get into the water system which eventually gets into our Oceans and it takes 200 years to decompose.  I think nuf said here.


3. Do your Research and Find your Truth

Don't just take someones word that it is sustainable.  Everyone says Bamboo is sustainable.  When I looked into it I found out that the most popular method is the process used to make the silky soft bamboo fabric you find in sheets, underwear and more. This “bamboo rayon” is produced through a highly intensive chemical process, similar to the process used for rayon. The process to create Rayon is highly unsustainable.

Now it is your turn.  There is so much we can do to help the environment.  I would love to hear what you come up with.  Give us more that we can do to make a difference.  Comment below.

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