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Tips and Ideas for How to Use Rugs as Wall Decor

 Guest Post by Holly Clark

Rugs are essential when setting the tone of a room. In numerous cases, rugs are tucked below furniture. Unfortunately, this makes them lose a little of their praise-worthy presence. To ensure that rugs retain their wow-worthy dues, interior designers have improvised a clever ploy of hanging them on the walls.

Hanging rugs on walls as an art statement is nothing new. For the longest time, interior designers have utilized tapestries as wall décor. While tapestries tend to recall realist paintings, rugs tend to be like abstract art. If you are contemplating using a rug as wall décor, here are a few tips and ideas to help you master this trend.

Rugs, which Will Do the Trick

  1. Blue and White shag rugs - Use blue and white shag rugs, which are immensely textured as they tend to break up a flat painted wall. Thus, making your walls look beautiful.
  2. Huge rugs - Interior designers use huge rugs, which consume almost a whole wall to pump life into a room. In regards to price per inch, utilizing huge rugs to cover a wall is relatively cheap. In addition, the rugs make an enormous statement.
  3. Moroccan rugs - Home stylists utilize Moroccan rugs as neutral backgrounds for living and bedroom spaces. The rugs are famous for giving the wall additional warmth.
  4. Small rugs - Narrow rugs are famous for making little “moments” in spaces, which are noted as awkward on the wall.

Choosing Where to Hang Your Rug

  • Entryway

It is advisable to hang a wall rag, which tells a story, along your entryway. In numerous cases, a peculiar wall rug will serve as a great conversation starter the moment your visitors walk in. The rugs to hang on the entryway walls can be colourful antique rugs or abstract patterned rugs, double as art.

  • Living Room

Numerous people love to have authentic prints or masterpiece paintings hanging above the couch. However, there is nothing wrong with bringing a little texture into your space using a wall rug. If you have a rug that does not fit where you intended it to, you can utilize it by hanging it on the wall.

  • Bedroom

You can utilize a wall rug to make the space above your bed a showstopper. Wall rugs can be utilized to create a headboard, which brings in a cosy punch of motif and panache. You can choose to play up high ceilings with an oversize flair, covering most if not all of the vertical space. An alternative to playing up high ceilings is going with the narrow style horizontally because it brings about a compact statement.

Things to Consider Before Hanging

  • Size: The hanging technique you select is pegged on the weight and size of the rug in question. Hence, make sure to measure your rug before buying any hanging pieces of equipment. In addition, avoid poor mass distribution when putting the rug up because it can make the rug rip or warp.
  • Sunlight: To give fading a wide berth, you should keep the rug away from direct sunlight.
  • Damage: Always store the rug properly to avoid wear and tear. You should also avoid pinning or nailing rugs directly to your space since this can damage the fibres and dyes.

Three Simple Ways to Hang a Rug as a Wall Décor

  1. Utilizing Velcro straps
  2. A sliding bar to hang the rug
  3. Using tack strips
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