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Travel Wrinkle Free this Holiday Season

Travel with Modal

The Holidays are here again and many of you will be traveling.  Packing is always so stessful isn't it?  THis season I am going to share a few tips to hopefully make it easiier.

1. Pack clothing that doesn't really wrinkle.  Sounds pretty much a no brainer but if are like me you HATE non natural fibers.  That is why I tell everyone...Modal is the secret here.   

The fabric not only doesn't wrinkle, it is comfortable to wear, easy to take care of and breathes. I have talked about how you can pack a bag weighing 4 lbs and have 2 weeks of outfits.  You can read that here.

Of course natural fiber cotton knits and cotton/lycra are also fabrics that resist wrinkling so you can mix that in with our Modal pieces.

2.  Rolling

Yes, roll your clothing.  Fold your top at the seams ,smooth it out and Roll it.  Not only does it help to keep your clothes wrinkle free,  I also think it allows you to put more in the suitcase.

3. If you must bring things that are prone to wrinkling, use tissue paper in the middle.  It will reduce friction and help to stop wrinkles from forming.

4. Plastic also reduces friction and although I hate plastic (it kills the fish), if you use dry cleaner bags it will reduce wrinkling.

Once you get to your destination.  Unpack as soon as you can. Hang everything up and let it "hang out".  The fibers need to breathe and dewrinkle just like you do.  Go have a beer or a glass of wine and leave them alone for a bit. Hang anything that wrinkles near the shower.  When you take a hot shower the steam will help to dewrinkle.  When you get out smooth the items with your hand.  It will act like an iron. Other things that work are throwing them in a dryer or using a damp towel to get the wrinkles out.

Do yourself a favor and take the stress out of the season by wearing Modal.  It is the perfect fabric! 

Do you have any tricks to share?

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