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Traveling Light

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I think I can safely say, most of us like to travel.  Given the time and money we would do more of it.  The one thing I hate most is having a big suitcase that I for one would over pack.  Then I would get to the airport and have to pay additional money to check my bag.  Don't you hate having to check your bag?  

What if I told you I now have put together a collection of 5 or 6 items that weighs 3 Lb.  I can roll it up in one of those cubes and throw it in my carry on for a 10 day trip?  Check out my packing technique.


Now for what is in my Wardrobe. I have not included underwear which will weigh a bit more but the items in my pack are:

The Roxie Jacket, The Jet Skirt, Catherine Dress, Willow Dress, Lea Tube and my favorite traveling piece, Sleeves in a bag.

This video shows 10 different ways you can put it together.  Because it is so light we could add the Pam Palazzo which would extend your outfits and you could stay even longer. 

So what do you say!  Where do you want to travel to with just a carry on? 


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