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Tummy Talk

As promised, today we talk tummies.  How do you feel about yours?  They come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful.  For those of you with a flat or smaller tummy, you can choose to:

  • Show it off
  • Create extra shape
  • Make your tummy appear flatter

It is all in how you wish to show yourself to the world.

Many of us do not fill into that category.  We have a rounder tummy.  That might be from age, lifestyle or Medications.  Something could have affected your metabolism, or you had an injury and can no longer workout like you used to.  I say embrace your body and use clothing to accentuate the positive.  So, for both categories I have suggestions below.

If you want to show off your tummy.

  • Wear dresses and tops in Stretch fabrics and fitted waists.
  • Wear Hipsters
  • Crop the tops.

You may choose to wear the Fae Shrug over the Thelma Tube with the Pam Palazzo Pant shown here.


Want to create extra shape?

  • Use belts that sit on your tummy to create that small waist effect.
  • Wear Pants in soft fabrics with elastic waist bands.
  • Flowing fabrics that can be pulled in to create the waistline are perfect.

One of my favorite pieces that multitasks is The Roxie Jacket.  It can be wrapped, belted or tied to get the definition you want but it can also function in many different ways. 


Want to make your tummy appear smaller?

  • I prefer comfort so if I wear shapewear it has to be comfortable.  One of my customers told me about Yummy Camisoles and I am hooked.  Most of the shapewear out there is uncomfortable or rides up on your stomach even if it is not that big. 
  • To avoid the whole shapewear thing, if you wear tops that skim your body rather then cling you will have found the perfect top. My favorite is the Taylor Tunic Top. It is not so A-line that it swings or so tight that it hugs and shows those small imperfections that only we can see.
  • Longer tops and tunics that fall over your tummy. The Kimberly Stripe Tunic Dress is a great choice. Not to full and you can belt it if you want to add definition.


You have a rounder tummy and want to hide it in a flattering way.

Rather then drawing attention to it you want to draw attention away so:

  • Wear A-line pieces that fall away from your body. Stick with soft fabrics that drape like our Modal.  Styles like the Ashley Top and Catherine Dress are perfect.
  • Wear v-necklines to pull the eye up to your face showing off those beautiful eyes.
  • Accentuate your good qualities. Do you have slender legs?  Leggings are perfect and so now.

Ashley Top


No matter what your waistline, the most important thing to remember it to embrace yourself today and take the time to appreciate where you are.  That is the hardest thing as a woman for us to do.  I love the Dove commercials because they talk about embracing the body we have.  It is OK to want to change it but for the right reasons.

  I would love to hear your opinion and questions you might have.

Until the next installment.  Treat yourself to something new.

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