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Types of Signet Ring Engraving.

Your choices signify your true reflection. Everything from your hairstyle, clothes, jewellery or even your eating habits represent your interests, hobbies and particularly your style. Variation in cultural values and traditions create a great impact on lifestyle and accessory designs.

Having talked about accessories, you must have noticed celebrities flaunting their engraved pinky rings quite often lately.


The origin of “Pinky rings'' or “Signet rings'' dates back to 3500 BC. Egyptian pharaohs and other elite personalities used to seal the document with these signet rings. By the fourteenth century, these rings became popular in Britain too. These rings were owned by upper-class people and royal houses. Every ring had a unique symbol and belonged to a specific person. In fact, King Edward 2 used to seal all the official documents with his signet ring. To avoid forging, the signet rings were destroyed as soon as the owner died.


Later, the signet rings got modified in terms of designs and styles. This generalisation of these rings among the middle class turned them into a fashion accessory rather than just being a “Seal Ring”.

Times have changed and so has fashion. The millennials and Gen-Z like to experiment with their looks and style. For instance, the Signet ring works as a canvas to express their inner emotions and true self.


There are multiple ways of engraving signet rings which give you various options to communicate your exact feelings.

1.      Family Crest

Family crest signet rings are a true representation of your love and respect towards your origin. It holds a sense of belonging and togetherness among the people of the same clan. You can engrave your rings with a family crest to honour your family legacy and embrace your roots. Several online websites offer.

2.      Monogram

Monogram signet rings may seem old fashioned but are much in trend again. An ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries, Monogram rings look elegant with every attire. Choices for font types are endless. You can customise the ring engravings in your handwriting too. Engravings of initials, favourite sports team or the family name are the most popular types of monogram signet rings.

3.      Seal

Over time Signet rings may have lost their original purpose, but they are still considered a piece of art from history. The signet rings originally called, “Sealing Rings” were used to seal a document with a wax stamp then. Modernisation and new techniques took over this trend, and seal rings turned into an ornamented piece of jewel. However, there is a rise in demand for seal rings with wax stamps lately. People engrave their logo designs on the rings and wax stamps for advertising purposes. You can buy these personalised signet rings from your local retail stores or browse online websites.

4.      Deep for Show

This engraving technique creates an illusion of a seal ring. The ring is deeply engraved but for show only. The depth of engraving is not the same as the original Seal rings. However, the designs are intricate and extravagant enough for acknowledgement. These can be considered lighter versions of Seal rings.

5.      Elevated

Elevated engraving Signet rings are the contemporary version of Seal Signet rings. The engravings on these rings are elevated outwards and create a 3D impression. The reverse design looks magnificent with a classic finish. These rings will leave an unforgettable impression on the people around you. So better upgrade your fashion game with these pieces of a gem.

6.      Date

Some events always remain close to our hearts. What can be a better idea than treasuring their corresponding dates in the form of a ring to embrace forever? Engraving Dates rings may seem a little cliché, but it’s pretty adorable. A date ring can be personalised in terms of metal, fonts, gemstones, and design. Stacking up a date ring with a monogram is a cool option. Give it a try, it’s worth the shot.

7.      Finger Print

When choosing an outfit or a jewel piece, everyone wants it to be just made for them. Fingerprint signet rings are such an example of uniqueness. The idea of fingerprint rings is much admired by young couples. These rings are being considered a fantastic alternative as Engagement or Wedding rings.

8.      Private Sentimental Message

How about expressing your mantra to life physically? Engraving your private message or sentimental quotes that you firmly believe in is an excellent alternative to tattoos. The engraving can be customised in your handwriting or could be used to treasure a message from someone you deeply admire.

9.      Image

The latest update in the Signet ring designs is the image Engraving. Having a photo of your beloved engraved on your ring seems quite romantic. The idea is quite popular among millennials for valentines, birthdays and anniversaries. These rings can be customised with additional private messages and dates on them.


A ring or a necklace you own isn’t just a piece of jewel. Well, It says a lot about you. So make sure you choose the right one to tell your story the best way possible.

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