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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Body piercing Jewelry for Piercing Lovers

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Body piercing Jewelry for Piercing Lovers

January 25, 2021

Guest Post

The month of January comes with a lot of planning for holidays and the 14th of February or Valentine's Day. It is the Day that upholds the opportunity to celebrate the Day with your loved ones. Valentine is a romantic festival of love, and planning a gift as your loved one's personality can be quite challenging. If your lover loves body piercing, here is a gift guide to make him/her happy. 

A Barbell 

Those who are pierced do not get much of an option to replace their barbells. These pecky little things seem to have a mind of their own as you hardly find any replacement at all. The body jewelry factory managed to create replacement balls for practical purposes, all in solid 14k gold. Getting a cultured peacock pearl or a directly cultured pearl, both internally threaded with 14k gold for your loved ones, will a perfect Valentine's Day gift.


A Pair of Hoops Is Always a Good Choice


Gifting your love with a piece of jewelry on valentine's Day has been a tradition, so considering hoops is like playing safe. You can get various types of hoops at your nearest body jewelry shop. These hoops are very artistic and come in an antique finish. The collection is mesmerizing; from an intricate coiled up snake to geometric mandalas, these hoops will take the breath away.


Classy Septum Rings 


The septum piercing is becoming quite popular, as it graces the faces of men and women. Gifting a septum ring to your beloved on valentine's Day will be just perfect. If you are new to piercing, you must know that septum is typically pierced with a 14G or 16 G needle. So, if you are considering one, anything smaller than 16G will be too small. At a body piercing jewelry shop, you will get many types of septum rings. A few in the collection are captive bead rings, circular or curved barbells, clicker rings, seamless hoop rings, pinchers, and piercing retainers. You can also get a fee premium on gold studded with diamond or gemstone. 


Handcrafted Custom-Made Gold Jewelry 


If your loved pierced person has already healed up, it would be best to treat them with beautiful handcrafted gold pieces this valentine. These are surely going to be the icing on the cherry for your particular pierced person. You can choose from the array of body jewelry online. There is a 14k gold tragus cartilage flat back earring, 2mm dainty diamond nose ring, and 14k gold twisted seamless ring hoop that is undoubtedly going to surprise your lover. Gifting your lover on Valentine's Day needs to be quite impressive; choosing customized body jewelry makes it more personal. You can now pick some genuine birthstone studded jewelry with initials for your particular person. 



Wrapping Up


Valentine's Day means a lot; thus celebrating the Day with your loved ones is the best gift you can ever gift. Simple body jewelry to mark the occasion will be a token of remembrance to both him and her. 

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