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We interrupt this blog for...

I am not even sure what I was going to write this weeks blog on. It seems like everything in life has been interrupted.

When I start a new year, I always say, this is going to be my best year ever.  The year to remember.  Well, it is certainly going to be the year to remember.

This is the year I learned how to make masks.  I knew I was saving all my excess fabric for something! The process for me has been quite a learning curve though.

For my first masks, I followed the you tube tube video.

Mask #1

They have A panel in the back that opens to put a filter in.  The elastic goes behind your ears and it is kind of comfortable but not for everyone.

Mask #2. I modified the mask so the elastic goes around your head on the top and a tie is on the bottom so you can tie it.  This seems like a better option since you can leave the bottom on tied and just pull up the mask to put it on.

Mask #3 Is my latest.  It is what the hospitals prefer.  No slit for a filter.  Just 2 layers with the elastic around the ears.  This one has  a wire in the top for nose adjustment.


I don’t think there is one right way to make them.  It just feels good to be doing something.  Hoping that something helps in some small way. In my personal opinion these are not good for hospital workers who are in such close contact but most of us can use these and it should be fine.  I hope.

which version do you like best?



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Hi all thank you for the questions. You can buy the masks on the website at https://steelpony.com/collections/face-masks
They are made of cotton and as we use up fabric we make new ones in different colors. Some of them have linen backing but most are cotton. Machine washable

Joanne Litz

How can I order face masks from your website?

Karin Bosch

Hello! Not a comment but a question: What material are the masks made out of? I didn’t see anything in the item description or in your blog. THANKS!

C Koch

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