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What is the Real Cost of Fashion

I was contacted recently to contribute to and article called The Real Cost of Fashion.  I thought that I would share my question with you and the actual post so read thru and hit the link at the bottom to read the full article.

Can finding your own personal style help you buy fewer clothes and opt for organic options?

What’s better than feeling like the most fashionable version of yourself? The answer: Feeling like the most fashionable version of yourself while also reducing your carbon footprint.

There are lots of ways to give back to the environment, but one way that doesn’t get talked about as much is making thoughtful choices about what goes into your closet. What’s in your closet matters—it affects how you feel about your own style, it impacts your bank account, and it can have a huge environmental impact. According to the EPA, consumers in the US throw away almost 10lbs of clothing every month. And according to The Guardian, 1/5 of all freshwater pollution comes from textile dying and treatment. Not only does this affect our ability to protect our natural resources, but it also exploits those who make clothes for less-than-minimum wage and often in dangerous conditions.

So it’s important that we hold ourselves accountable for how we’re treating our planet and others by being mindful about where we shop and what we purchase.

But it’s also important that we focus on what makes us feel good, too—and that can be hard when you’re trying to be more sustainable with fashion. Here are a few things to consider in defining your personal style while working towards being sustainable.

#Define your style Find the clothes that you gravitate toward, whether that’s dresses, bright colors, or comfy threads. This will help you feel more confident about your purchases and reduce waste and buyer’s remorse.

#Go for quality It may seem like a splurge to buy a higher-quality piece of clothing, but it’ll last longer and reduce your need to go shopping. If you’re on a budget, try looking at secondhand shops!

#Don’t be afraid to try something new Be creative with what you have! That sweater that you always wear with jeans? Try pairing it with a skirt or over a dress. That flowy sundress might look great with boots and tights underneath as the weather cools down.

Joanne Litz
Steel Pony

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