What is Your Style?

What is Your Style?

The cool thing about clothing is it helps to define who you are.  If it's function was to just keep you warm,  there we would not have a trillion dollar industry around it.  So what style are you?

catherine dressClassic Style:  If I were to look in your closet, I might see timeless looks, simple in style, fine quality fabrics and more neutral colors.  You wear a lot of Black and Navy and tend not to wear prints.  You are willing to pay for quality and know what that is.  Our Catherine Dress is a good example of Classic.

Modern Style:  You like to wear the latest shapes, styles and labels.  You read the fashion magazines and like to have the latest and greatest.Pam palazzo pant

summerThe Fashionista:  You are a trendsetter and you are confident in how you dress.  You do not follow anyone and you have your own views.  You are not tied down to any one look.  You are truly a Steel Pony Girl.

Playful Style:  You like bright prints, fun Shapes and bold colors.  You want your clothes to feel fun.You are not dictated by tailored vs. flowing but you do not like to be uncomfortable so you lean toward more movable fabrics.playful picture

ariannaBohemian Style:  You dress like it is effortless.  You are very individual in how you put things together and you prefer freedom inspired styles- you love easy breezy. 

Romantic Style:  You love flowing fabrics, lace, soft color, little prints.  You will wear fitted things but there has to be a feminine feel to it.  That could be shirring, ruffles, lace or a tie belt.romantic

Are you any of the above?  Are you more then one of these styles?  Share your style with us.  We can't wait to see it!






























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