What my Customers Say

What my Customers Say

I LOVE my Customers.  They are so supportive and have been my lifeline during this period.  I have recently started doing Live Virtual Sales on Facebook and wanted to share a few of the comments I received.

"hope this not finds you safe and well
what a magnificent creature you are !!!
and what fabulously wonderful garments you make !!!
i am thrilled to have found steel pony
i can't believe i actually just sat and watched the entire hour and a half ++
of your friday afternoon sale.
at midnight !!!!
like i was watching a re-run of one of my favorite shows or something like that, 
kinda crazy !!!
any how i am very much looking forward to doing business with you.
your clothes will suit me well."
"Thanks for doing the sale.  I said it was a fun diversion because the way you were chatting, it almost felt like I was shopping live with a girlfriend. The new normal?
I would love to get to the shop someday. I have pieces that must be well over 20 years old and still look great....vintage Metal. I’ve been hanging on to a small dress, even though I’ve blossomed to a large, just because I look at it as art and think maybe I can do something with it to give it new life. Sad, I know :). 
I hope you’re surviving well in this crisis."
Just a small example.  If you have not joined The Filly VIP Club yet, check it out.  We are just getting started and I have so many ideas that I can not wait to share them.  If you join before the end of August 2020 you will get the Founding Member price and be part of an exclusive club.  JOIN NOW!
Filly VIP Club
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Hi I am Joanne Litz Cofounder of Steel Pony.
I graduated in Textile Design from, the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. Worked in the "Industry" as a design director before starting Steel Pony. A company focused on slow sustainable fashion over 30 years ago
I love Creative Fashion, Art, and Energy Healing. My mission is to help women find their inner goddess and shine from the inside out.