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What to wear with Leggings when you are not that Stick Body

What to wear with Leggings when you are not that Stick Body

October 05, 2020

I don't care how old you are or what size you wear...Everyone can wear Leggings. Here are some pointers to get the right look.

  1. Quality is very important when it comes to leggings.  You want the heavier one with good stretch.  The legging we make are perfect for everyone because they are cotton which breathes with a little spandex for stretch.  Stay away from those ultra thin ones.  They will not hold up.  In addition, if you must wear the ones that are microfiber AKA Poly , Nylon or some other man made plastic please make sure to get those special mesh bags so the little pieces of plastic don't get into the oceans and kill the fish.
  2. Don't wear short tops.  I think that is self explanatory.  Leggings do show all of our lumps and bumps. 
  3. Wear Slimming Colors.  
  • Do your whole outfit in one color to give you that Monochromatic look which does help you to look slimmer and taller.
  • Wear dark leggings with a colored tunic if you want to mix it up.
  • Layer your tops for dimension.  It gives you more shape.

      4.  Footwear Wear the right shoes.  Best bet Booties, Boots or Ballet Flats

      5.  Have the right attitude.  If you are not a leggings girl-don't wear them

Here are some Shoppable boards to get you started


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