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What Type of Eyelash Extension Will Suit You?

Guest Post by Chris Jordon

Beauty is eternal and a huge factor for women. Beauty exaggerates the confidence and grace of an individual that establishes prosperity.


We know that the vital part of beauty resides in the eyes. Also, men are attracted to women with pretty eyes. And, Yes! Long lashes do indeed garner your eyes even more.


Undoubtedly, eyelashes enhance your look and make it bold and eye-catching. Some people are blessed with long curly lashes, but the majority feel inferior about the look of their lashes. A perfect eyelash is one with adequate length, enough curliness, and a thickness equivalent to your natural lashes.


Before purchasing a suitable lash for yourself, you should know why you need eyelash extensions.


Need for Eyelash Extensions.     

  • As every artist frames the artwork to provide a structured look and elevate the art piece, in a similar context, eyelashes frame your eyes to intensify the beauty of your eyes.
  • The bigger the lashes, the more the drama. So if you like to be dramatic, lash extensions are apt for you. 
  • As makeup boosts confidence, so does this tiny part of makeup-eyelash.
  • Replacement of Mascara. People mostly put layers and layers of mascara to make the eyes pop up, but a perfect eyelash will make you achieve that soon.


So now the next question arises, how to decide your go-to lash?


Types of Eyelash Extensions

Whenever we buy or order a lash for ourselves, the first question that strikes our brain is- Will it suit me?


So here we are, to get you the solutions to your queries. By the end of the article, you will have a clear idea about which lash is ideal for you. 


Classic Lashes

As the name suggests, these lashes have been in culture for ages but are still popular. In this eyelash, each false lash is attached separately. If you are going for a simple and natural look, they are a perfect option. These lashes provide an elegant and girl next door look in no time.


The three different types of classic lashes are- Silk Lashes (soft and glossy), Mink Eyelashes ( fiber is fine than silk lashes), and Flat Lashes (flat on the side, ideal if looking for classic lashes with some add-ons).       


Volume Lashes

Multiple eyelashes in the same lash or, say, a bunch of eyelashes will be attached to the original eyelash. If you like to go bold and dramatic, they are the perfect ones as these lashes give volume to your eyes by their immense thickness.


Usually, models use Volume Lashes for plump, beautiful, and crazy looks. These lashes enhance your natural look as well.


Fan Lashes

These eyelashes are very popular, and here a bunch of 3D and 4D lashes are used to attach to the actual lash.

Fan Lashes are of the following types- 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, and 10D. They stand for two strands, three strands, four strands, five strands, etc. As the name suggests, the lashes help you create a fan over your eyes in the easiest way possible.


These are the basis of the lashes, so try and think about the look you are going for and choose your suitable lash accordingly.


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