You CAN wear boho at any age

You CAN wear boho at any age

Trends come and go but some trends are enduring. Bohomian Chic is a lifestyle so it is always trending meaning you can adapt the Boho style to your personal style. In this post, I will show you how to be Bohomian Chic at any age.

Boho in your 20's 

Whether you’re a college student, looking for your first career job, moving to a new city or falling in love, this is a great time to try a new trend to see if it matches your lifestyle. This is a time when the free spirit in you is unleashed.

The essential Denim Jacket - Every woman, no matter her age needs to find that perfect denim jacket. To add an edge to your look, pair with...yes a tube top or a scarf as shown to show a little skin and add your favorite jeans.

Ok now for the bag. You will be cruising the music festival scene and you want to have something secure that you can keep close. The Holster Bag is the perfect choice. 

Boho in your 30's


So here you are, a little more grown up and spending more time at the office or maybe you have kids and have to run them around.  Whichever it is, you want to be more comfortable while still looking bohemian chic. A swing top/dress or tunic is the perfect look to accomplish that. Pair with over the knee boots, tights, skinny jeans and ankle boots.

 Now is the time for your first statement bag. This bag is large enough to carry all the important things such laptop, ipad phone, wallet, etc. Our Rustic Tote is perfect for that.



Boho in your 40’s and beyond

The key to boho as you get into your 40s, 50s and beyond is playing up your best features that only someone with the confidence that comes with a few more years under their belt can pull off.  At this stage even with the changes in your body you are confident to put together your look.  You have your basic pieces and now you can accent them with the statement pieces the work for you.

Boho clothing is incredibly comfy and that is important to you but you also want to look good.  So layering is a key component to that.  With just the right layers you look put together and modern.










The Tabitha Dress is a great Basic piece.  Pair it with the Sandra Skirt and a fabulous belt.  A great out to dinner set.  The bag to take?   I think the clutch is perfect.  It fits just what you need for the evening










If you want style direction, have a personal styling consultation at Steel Pony to achieve your  perfect boho look. 

At Steel Pony we are always ready to help.

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