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Your Color Code

We all have our favorite colors.  It is said that the color you wear says a lot about your personality.  I think it is important to look at that as it relates to our style.

Ashley top  BlackPunk, Goth, and clubs kids are known to wear a lot of black, and almost every woman has that perfect black dress that’s flattering to her body in her closet. Black symbolizes extremes — all or nothing — and is a color of strength, power, sophistication, elegance, and authority.




Angie VestBlue: Blue is a calming color.  When you wear blue, you’re telling people you are creative, positive, in peace and you’re saying that you’ve decided to live by your own rules, and by your own truth. Because blue wearers think for themselves, they’re smart, have a quick wit, and are independent.


Kimberly tunic dressBrown/Neutrals: Browns are a grounding color.  When wearing browns you are representing that you are solid and grounded.  These are also earth tones so we associate this color with people who are stable, smart and dependable

Red Roxie JacketRed: If you want to stand out and grab the spotlight, wear red. It’s the color of energy and is the symbol of life. Wearing red is empowering and can give you confidence. Red is also the color of sensuality, aggression, passion, and boldness.

Summer teazerOrange: Orange is known as the color that makes new possibilities happen. It’s creative, enthusiastic, and is associated with good times, warmth, and ambition. If you wear orange, you like to be the life of the party, and are in a positive, energizing, and engaging mood.

SP EssentialsPink: This color is best know as a feminine color.  It shows you are sweet, you like to nurture and have an open heart. Wearing pink will make you seem more approachable. It helps you feel pretty.  Pretty in pink as they say.

PurplePurple: Purple is a color that shows you like being noticed.  In the darker more Burgundy versions are associated with Royalty. The more Lavender tones help you feel more in touch with your spiritual side.  If you want the world to know that you are One of a Kind and you are a non conformist  then purple is a perfect choice for you.

Tula TunicWhite: This is a color of New Beginnings.  I guess that is why it is chosen for brides but it is also great to wear when you feel like you want to start the day fresh, with a clean slate.

PeachYellow: A happy color.  You need a pick me up?  Wear some yellow and brighten your day. It also shows the world that you have a sunny outlook.

What is your favorite color?  Do you think it represents you based on the above?

Share your thoughts.


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