Your Fall Style Horiscope

Your Fall Style Horiscope

I did this in the Spring and it was so much fun, I decided to take a look at Fall as well.  Let's see what the Cosmos has in store for your Fall wardrobe.

Aries:  You are Energetic and Adventurous.  The hiker in you wants to seek out the Fall changes that will be happening.  You will look awesome in Our new Lily Legging.

fall 2019 legging


Taurus:  You are warm hearted and reliable which makes you perfect for our Fall Basics Collection.

cotton tunic


Gemini:  For both sides of you, The Genisis Tunic.

Thermal Tunic

Cancer:  You love to be wrapped and cozy so the Layla is perfect. 



Leo:  You are so creative and Warmhearted.  The Makenzie in Indian Red is my go to for you.  It gives you that creative edge.



Virgo: You are both Modest and Practical so The new Aubree top will give you both properties.  You can wear this top 4 seasons.  It is both practical and flattering.

Modal top


Libra:  For the Romantic side of you.  The Lilliana Dress

Cotton Dress


Scorpio  You love exciting things.  The Nova will show you off to the world.



Sagittarius:  You are so freedom loving.  You will love the freedom you feel in the Riley Sweater.



Capricorn  The Roxie Jacket for the Practical side of you.  You can do so much with it.

Modal Jacket


Aquarius  For your Original and Inventive side, I give you the Kinsley Tunic.  It looks good on  too!

Fun Tunic


Pisces:  I have chosen the Ellie Poncho for you.  You are a free spirit but you are also to yourself a bit.  The Ellie wraps you in a cloak of comfort.



I hope you enjoyed.  Please let me know.

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